Frequently Asked Questions
Coccygeal Pain
Interstitial Cystitis
Low Back Pain
Non-bacterial Prostatitis
Obstetric Back and
  Musculoskeletal Pain
Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Pelvic Pain
Vulvar Vestibulitis
Judith Florendo Judith Florendo has been a physical therapist since graduating from the University of Illinois in 1984. Her earlier career spanned working in several   More>

To provide expert hands-on evaluation and treatment of individuals with pelvic, core, and spine problems.

  • This is accomplished by experienced physical therapists who specialize in treating men and women with complex and multi-faceted problems...More>

Will my insurance cover P.T.?

Most insurances cover at least a portion of therapy. Check with your specific carrier for details.

We ask that payment be made at the time of service (credit card or check), and we can submit the claim for you unless you wish to do so yourself. You will be reimbursed directly by your insurer, based on your plan.

Do I submit a claim to my insurance company?

Florendo Physical Therapy will submit your claim electronically, or, if you wish, provide you with a detailed invoice for self submission.

What is the cost of an appointment?

All appointments are $160.  Each appointment is a private one-on-one session of about an hour, and you will be seen on time.

How many times will I have to go to therapy?

In general, most patients are seen once a week, decreasing to every other week, depending on speed and levels of improvement. After completion of the initial evaluation, your therapist can provide you with a better idea of treatment duration and frequency.

What if I have my period?

We see you during this time as well, unless you have an issue with it. If it is an issue, consider this when you schedule your appointments.

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